TRAX Report
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TRAX Report

Are you on TRAX?
Staying in compliance has never been easier.

Designed to simplify your life, TRAX is a computer software program that will track and monitor your water permit information. TRAX helps AgSource Laboratories customers maintain their water permits. Important permit information - such as type of tests, frequency, quantity, and deadlines - is recorded into the TRAX system. AgSource will notify you when water samples are due and ship you the necessary testing supplies (bottles, tags, and mailers). The TRAX program also alerts us when a client’s permit is about to expire. Lastly, TRAX keeps an archive history of all the testing done at our laboratory.

Best of all, this service is FREE! Call today to get your account set-up. For more information, please contact the Ellsworth Water Clerk at (515) 836-4444 or

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